Garden Club

Of Trinidad & Tobago                                             August 2004   

July Garden of The Month

Without doubt the Garden of the Month was George & Peggy Bovell’s magnificent gardens at Malabar. They kindly allowed the club to walk their grounds on July 24th.


Just check out the scale of the gardens.

Having enjoyed the Bovell’s garden we walked down the road and stood in awe at KAIRI BLOOMS. Hugh & Jennifer Avey have 12 acres of anthuriums growing under cover!


…and below is the reason we were there…..


Pretty impressive. Jennifer kindly took us on a tour and explained the intricacies of growing anthuriums on such a vast scale. She even showed us a very special one they had bred there after seven years of trial and error.


Following the tour Jennifer kindly allowed us to hold our meeting in her lovely home…a home for the tropics, open, cool and breezy.


Japanese style buildings set around the pool…(and you thought you had stones Rodney!)


The event was very well attended considering it was East of the lighthouse, a fact that accounted for the rapid disappearance of the eats!

Maureen kindly presented Jennifer with an orchid from the Club to say thanks.


Of course some members had to hide in the garden during the speeches! Either that or casting envious glances at the lovely plants.


And so ended a really lovely morning. Many thanks to the Bovells and Aveys for allowing us a glimpse into their personal world of beauty.




Special Notice

If you have a plant, which is in trouble, feel free to bring a sample leaf of other infected part in a tightly sealed transparent bag and the members will try and help you diagnose the problem and find a cure. Remember the bag must be sealed so you don’t introduce the problem into some one else’s garden.


A Big Garden Club Welcome to Six New Members

Helen Ache                   1 Strathclyde Avenue, Cascade.       624-7135

June Cartar                  31a Sydenham Avenue, St. Anns      624-7806

Mary de Verteuil          1 San Diego Park, Diego Martin       637-3176

Nicole de Verteuil       1 San Diego Park, Diego Martin       637-3176

Lou Ann Mackenzie   40 Hillrise Road, Blue Range            695-6225

Terry Young Sing       Lot 4, Apt. 4, Pearl Gardens, DM      637-4984



Public Relations:        Jennifer Knaggs.   Still have lots of T-shirts for sale.

Monthly Events:          Chancy Moll. 

Show Bench:               Sandy Gibson

Refreshments:            Lorraine Agostini

Membership:                Kathleen Boswell-Inniss.  

(Kathleen will be contacting new members and looks forward to their participation.)


Sandy's tips on growing violets

1.         Pot up small plants into 3 1/2" plastic pots or re-pot larger plants into 4" pots in a mixture of 3/4 Promix and 1/4 sharp sand.

2.         No direct sunlight - bright incident light only e.g. porch;  near bright window.   Air-conditioning is very beneficial.   Do not grow outside in rain.

3.         Water heavily early in morning - leaves dry by nightfall.   It makes no difference if the leaves get wet when watering.

4.         Fertilize weekly with Nutrex 20:20:20, 1 tsp to a gallon.   Wet heavily but do not let stand in water.

5.         Leaf spotting can be cured with Benlate.   2 tsps. per gallon.




 At the last committee meeting, members felt that we could start an education/beautification programme through our primary schools by donating trees to them.

We thought we should choose two schools and, via the newsletter, ask the general membership for suggestions as to which schools should be chosen.


The Shelter for battered Women & Children are holding a fund raising Plant & Cut Flowers

Sale at the Talma's garden, Lasagesse Road, Santa Cruz, on Sunday 5th September from 8.00 am - 5.00 pm.   Light refreshments - ice coffee, soft drinks & rum punch - will also be available.   This is a very worthy cause, which we urge our members to support.


Johnny and Carole Lee will be having a plant sale at their home, 15 St. Ann’s Avenue on Saturday September 11th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and are inviting the members of the Garden Club to come and have first choice on Friday September 10th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 


There will be a wide variety of plants available including hanging plants, aquatic plants, houseplants, bedding plants and even pre-bonsai plants.  Hope to see you there and tell all your friends about the sale. The Lee’s house is just a block after St. Ann’s church next to the botanic gardens.


Cuttings Bench

Many thanks to Sandy Gibson and Johnny Lee for bringing cuttings for members. Don’t forget to share your garden with other members. It would be wonderful if you could just spent 10 minutes going round your gardens snipping off a few cuttings right before you get in the car to come to the next meeting. The idea is to help newer members of the club to try out new plants in their gardens.



Johnny has sent two more boxes of books and some video tapes for the library. Look out for a list soon. There is an amnesty for books that should have been returned a long time ago. Just quietly slip them into the box at the next meeting and no questions will be asked.



A new feature we would like to add to the newsletter and we will start it off by asking if any member has some “Flags” we could plant outside our home to beautify the end of our road. Just call Peter or Sheila on 662-7683 and we will come and collect.


Question Corner

I think I will give up this “Question Corner”. Everyone thinks someone else will answer so they don’t bother. Let me give it one more try:

This months question is:

“What is a simple way to divide a mature orchid into two or more plants?”










August:                The next meeting will be held on Saturday 28th August, 2004, at Suzanne Majani's home, 11 La Seiva Avenue, Maraval, at 3.30 pm. 

Here are the directions to Suzanne's home.   Go north along Saddle Road, as though heading to Maracas Bay.   Turn left at Golf Course Road - Kappa Drugs is at the corner.  (This is between Linda's Bakery and before the Chaconia Inn).    Take the first right into La Seiva Road then first left into La Seiva Avenue. The house is the last on the left.   Look for the signs!


September:         Saturday 25th September at Elizabeth Sheppard's home in Westmoorings.  

October:               October 31st at Mike & June Hindmarch in Maraval.

November:          Date of the plant sale in November to be confirmed;  also, date of the December:     Christmas party to be confirmed.


A Joke A Day…


The last time the Pope came to the U.S. he wanted to drive the big limousine waiting for him at the airport.  He got the permission of the chauffeur and away they went.  It wasn't too long before he was pulled over by a traffic cop.

As the officer walked up to the car, he was startled to see the Pope driving the limo.  He asked the Pope to wait a moment while he radioed his supervisor.  The conversation went like this:

Traffic Officer:  "I've just pulled over a V.I.P. and I'm not sure how to handle the situation."

Supervisor:  "Well, who is it?  Is it the mayor?"

Traffic Officer:  "No.  He's more important than that?"

Supervisor:  "The governor?"

Traffic Officer:  "No. More important than him?"

Supervisor:  "A foreign dignitary? 

Traffic Officer:  "Well kind of, but whoever he is, he's got the Pope driving for him!"


Happy Gardening

Peter and Sheila Q T